These miracles are amazing!

On this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, Ryan Scheel, Ryan DellaCrosse, and Father Rich Pagano discuss "5 Unbelievable But True Catholic Miracles"!

The episode says these “miracles are one part of the Catholic Faith that makes it hard for even the staunchest skeptic to refute the Divine nature of the Church.”

1) The Miracle of the Sun at Fatima

In 1917, over 100,000 people witnessed the sun dancing in the sky of Fatima, Portugal.

"The sun started spinning like a pinwheel, casting multi-colored lights all over the place.”

Skeptics and faithful were left stunned, Scheel says. It is one of the most documented and extraordinary miracles in Church history.

2) Our Lady of Lourdes

Lourdes, France, has been a healing site since Saint Bernadette’s vision of Our Lady in 1858.

“There have been over 7,000 scientifically attested miraculous recoveries from her intercession,” Scheel says

These cures are each scrutinized and confirmed by the Lourdes Medical Bureau.

3) The Miracle of Lanciano

In the eighth century, a doubting priest witnessed the Eucharist turn into actual flesh and blood.

Scheel explains a scientific investigation of "the flesh was found to be a human striated muscular tissue of the myocardium, the heart wall.”

Even though it’s 1250 years old, this relic shows no signs of decay today!

4) The Blood of Saint Januarius

A vial of Saint Januarius’ dried blood in Naples, Italy, liquefies every year on his feast days.

“This happens on TV, like you can see it,” Scheel says.

This public miracle has been observed and recorded for centuries without any explanation.

5) The Universal Blood Type of Eucharistic Miracles

Scheel explains that “all major blood miracles or Eucharistic miracles of our Lord have the same blood type, AB.”

This incredibly rare type, the universal recipient, is a remarkable consistency with profound symbolism of Christ’s blood being able to save all.

The guys say these miracles are powerful testimonies that affirm our faith!

Watch the episode below:

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Isn’t God amazing?!

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