Religious Liberty is under attack in the Nation’s Capital!

The Reproductive Health Non-Discrimination Amendment Act of 2014 (RHNDA) and the Human Rights Amendment Act of 2014 (HRAA) were passed by the DC City Council and signed by the mayor in January.

These acts are a direct threat to the First Amendment and our first right, religious liberty. RHNDA denies religious and pro-life organizations the right to practice their faith and be true to their mission.  For example, it  could force pro-life organizations to hire as spokespersons people who are actively participating in abortion. HRAA denies religious schools the right to practice and teach their faith. Part of practicing one’s religion is teaching it to others, yet HRAA could force Catholic schools to provide funding and meeting space for student groups which are against Church teaching.

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The District of Columbia officially transmitted this legislation to Congress on March 6, 2015 and Congress must act now to stop these dangerous bills. Congress is urged to pass resolutions of disapproval immediately.

Local laws passed by the District of Columbia City Council and signed by the mayor must then be approved by Congress in order to become law. Because of D.C.’s unique character as a federal district rather than a city or a state, the Constitution grants Congress the authority to legislate in D.C. So, even though a law may only affect the District of Columbia, it is a matter of oversight for Congress. Your help is needed to urge Congress to disapprove two dangerous laws.

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Here are 5 ways you can take action:

1) Contact Your U.S. Senators and Representatives

Let them know you oppose two dangerous laws (known as RHNDA and HRAA) passed by the District of Columbia and now before Congress for consideration.

Click here to send them an email urging them to pass resolutions of disapproval. It is fast and easy! A full explanation of the problem can be found at

2) Use Social Media to Let Congress Know We Oppose RHNDA and HRAA

Suggested tweets and FaceBook posts are available here. Be sure to use #ReligiousLiberty and #FreeSince1791 (Yes, that is when the Bill of Rights was adopted!) to ensure Congress sees your message. A tag board has been created for this issue.

3) Spread the Word

Share this alert with everyone you know who cares about protecting life and liberty.

4) Sign Up for Updates

Follow @NCHLA on Twitter or sign up for email alerts.

5) Pray


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