Moms do it all—raise kids, nurture family faith, and become saints! 🌟

On this episode of "The Catholic Talk Show," Ryan Scheel, Fr. Rich Pagano, and Ryan DellaCrosse discuss the lives of six amazing mothers who are also Catholic saints!

1) Saint Helena - Patron of Archaeologists

After her son Constantine legalized Christianity, Helena went to the Holy Land to preserve the sacred sites of Christendom.

"She went on an archaeological expedition, and she found the relic of the True Cross," Scheel explains.

2) Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton - First American-born Saint

"Mother Seton" went from a New York socialite to the first American-born saint.

After her husband’s death, she converted to the Catholic faith and established the first Catholic school in the United States.

"She gave a lot of money away in creating the Catholic education system in America," Scheel says.

3) Saint Anne - The Grandmother of Jesus

Anne’s nurturing of Mary prepared the way for the Incarnation, and she is a great role model for the generational transmission of faith.

"It’s very important on Mother’s Day to remember your grandmothers, and I think a lot of us out there owe our continued faith to the prayers of our grandmothers," Scheel says.

4) Saint Emilia - "The Mother of Saints"

Basil, Macrina, Peter of Sebaste, Gregory of Nyssa, and Naucratius: 5 of Emilia’s children became saints! Fostering the diverse spiritual gifts in them earned her the epithet ‘The Mother of Saints.’

“She gave her children a very well-rounded education and upbringing, the results were pretty dramatic," Scheel says.

5) Blessed Concepción Cabrera - Wrote More Than Aquinas

This soon-to-be Saint raised nine children while penning 60,000 pages of spiritual writings.

"Her children have no recollection of ever seeing her write, but her writings are as much or more as Thomas Aquinas," Scheel shares in awe.

6) Saint Monica - Patron Saint of Mothers

Monica prayed unceasingly for her wayward son, Augustine, who became one of Christianity's greatest theologians.

"She prayed incessantly for his conversion. Her model of persistence in prayer for her child makes her one of the patron saints of mothers," Scheel says.

Watch below for more about their incredible lives:

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Happy Mother's Day! 🌸

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