Father Francisco José Delgado, priest of the Archdiocese of Toledo, Spain shared with ACI Prensa his six fundamental "rules" for attending the Holy Mass with respect.

The priest included dressing well, genuflecting, Mass gestures, the sign of peace, remaining silent in the sanctuary, and waiting for the priest to leave at the end of Mass.

6 Rules for Attending the Holy Mass

1) Dress Well and Modestly

Father Delgado underlines the importance of "dressing well for Mass and respecting the rules of decorum." He then specifies that "men must have their heads uncovered, while everyone must have their shoulders covered and clothes below the knees."

2) Genuflect

Father Delgado encourages genuflection, that is, kneeling with only one knee on the ground. This should be done “when entering and when leaving if there is a tabernacle in the Church. And every time one passes in front of the tabernacle or goes up or down the presbytery."

3) Respect for the Movements of the Mass

The priest also asks the faithful to respect "the postures of the celebration: sit down, stand up, kneel down."  

As for the latter, he stresses that "the kneeler is for the knees, not the feet."

4) The Sign of Peace - Don't get distracted!

“If the peace sign is done, make a simple gesture to the right and left, without getting too distracted”.

5) Remain Silent

"Try not to speak in church, even if the celebration has not yet begun."

6) Do not leave immediately after Mass ends

It is advisable “to wait for the priest and ministers to conclude the celebration. Besides, it's best to stay a while for a silent 'thank you.'"

More Suggestions for Attending Mass with Respect

An article entitled, "Mass Etiquette: Things To Do And Not Do In Mass" on the Aggie Catholic website with St. Mary's Catholic Center at Texas A&M University, suggests additional ways to attend Mass with reverence and respect.

Some of these suggestions include refraining from phone usage, fasting before Mass, arriving a few minutes early to pray, and making the Sign of the Cross with holy water upon entering the church.

Would you add anything to the list?

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