This guy is amazing!

Bishop Richard Umbers of Sydney, Australia recently shared on his Facebook page a news article about an amazing man named Italo Spinelli. Titled “Widower searches for wife’s soul,” the article appeared in the Australian Times (behind a paywall).

A retired factory worker mourning his wife of 52 years has earned a philosophy degree at 82 in an attempt to discover what happened to her soul and whether he will see her again,” reads the intriguing story’s lede.

The article says he missed his wife and wanted to know if there really was an immortal soul, so he studied philosophy.

“I found Aristotle a bit cold but enjoyed Plato and his work on the immortal soul,” the man told the Times. He also studied the works of St. Thomas More and Blaise Pascal.

Now that he has his doctorate, the article says, “Mr. Spinelli said he had it all figured out. ‘At the end, my studies took me back to my Catholic faith, and convinced me that I will see Angela again when I close my eyes for ever.'”

“Everyone should study philosophy,” he concluded. Indeed!

Here’s a picture of the article:

Bishop Richard Umbers, Facebook

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