This woman is amazing!

Sr. Jean Dolores-Schmidt is a 98-year-old religious sister who serves as the basketball team chaplain at Loyola University Chicago. She’s so involved with the team that one player called her more of an assistant coach!

“She’s just a blessing,” Porter Moser, Loyola-Chicago head basketball coach explained in a profile on Sr. Jean (viewable below), “the way she prays for us, the way she smiles. When you walk in a room and you see sister there, you feel good.”

After every game, she sends out emails to the players, encouraging them on what they did well and giving them pointers for the next game. She scouts out their upcoming opponents and gives them advice on what to look out for.

But most of all, she prays with the team before every game.

“We ask God to help us,” she explained about her pre-game prayer in an interview following Loyola-Chicago winning their first March Madness game (viewable below), “and I told God we would do our part if he would do his part. And that I hope the referees would call the right kind of a game, that nobody would get injured, that we play with confidence and know we’d win the game; and then at the end, when the buzzer rang, we wanted to be sure the score said we had the big ‘W.'”

In one of the university’s basketball facilities, they have a quote on the wall from Sr. Jean that sums up her message: “Worship, Work, Win.”

Here’s a longer profile on her role as team chaplain:

Here’s the interview she gave after their recent win:

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