Believe it or not, the Pope is NOT perfect!

In a previous ChurchPOP article regarding papal infallibility, “Papal infallibility means the pope can be infallible when he teaches a certain way, not that he is always infallible in everything he teaches all the time. He is only infallible when he, in exercising his Petrine office, intentionally teaches something definitively for the whole Church. It’s rare for popes to invoke this authority.”

And yes, the Pope can still sin. He is NOT perfect.

On this week’s episode of The Catholic Talk Show, Ryan Scheel, Fr. Rich Pagano discuss “The 7 worst popes in the History of the Catholic Church.”

Find out below why these Popes were the worst in Church history:

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The guys discuss the following WORST popes:

1) The pope who dug up his predecessor and mutilated his corpse

2) The pope who had an affair that led to a son (who would also become pope)

3) The shocking and evil scandal of Pope Julius III

4) The pope who was called “a demon from Hell”

5) The corrupt family who hijacked the Vatican

…And much more!

Do you agree that these Popes are the worst in history?

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[See also: 5 Myths About the Papacy That Too Many People Still Believe (Maybe Even You!)]

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