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Fr. Kevin Staley-Joyce of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston, Mass., told an amazing story regarding the power and existence of guardian angels.

Fr. Staley-Joyce said in his Feb. 17 tweet that he believed his guardian angel intervened after his phone “involuntarily switched to silent mode.”

He “became restless” during the middle of the night and checked his phone. He noticed the hospital called exactly one minute prior to waking up, allowing him to promptly administer to a dying person.

Here’s the full story below:

@KevinSJoyce, Twitter

@KevinSJoyce, Twitter

Fr. Staley-Joyce’s full story reads, “Just had a middle-of-the-night summons to the hospital for a dying person, and it proved a nice illustration of the existence of guardian angels:

“My phone had involuntarily switched to silent mode 😡 instead of a loud ringer as planned, so when the hospital rang, I heard nothing.

“But I became restless and something made me decide to stand up and walk around. Drank some water, then went to look at my phone, and noticed I’d just missed a hospital phone call *one minute* earlier. Crisis averted. 👼 😇

“’Do not be unbelieving, but believing.’”

Several priests commented on his experience, expressing similar occurrences.

Fr. Daniel Dower, STL., of St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Longview, Texas said, “If I told people how many times this has happened to me they would not believe it. I have very busy Guardian Angel(s) – yes plural – as told to me by a visionary who I trusted greatly. Multiples could explain why I’ve made [it] to where I am today and why I get ‘nudged’ so often.”

Two other priests said they had similar experiences.

@FrZ2003, Twitter

This priest commented, “I have had the same experience.”

@FrDylanSchrader, Twitter

This priest added, “This has happened to me as well!”

Another user commented, saying his experience was “a true miracle.”

The user said, “Your angel or angels were definitely on the job to wake you in perfect time. This is a true miracle. I would revel in this great moment. The angels are definitely with you. I need to hear or see my angels in action like that. I am in awe. Thank you very much for sharing this.”

Pray for the dying and for our Catholic priests!

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