Without a doubt, witnessing a solar eclipse excites anyone, but the tender reaction of this religious sister has moved everyone and has gone viral on social media.

The Salesian Sisters of the Provincial House in San Antonio, Texas shared on Instagram how they prepared to witness this incredible event on April 8 in the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

Unfortunately, the view was mostly cloudy in San Antonio, but the tender reaction of one of the sisters encouraged everyone.

“Our view of the solar eclipse in San Antonio was mostly cloudy, but Sr. Cecilia’s commentary made the experience quite a delight! Please share in the comments how your view of the eclipse was today.” the community said on Instagram.

The video, which generated more than 33,000 likes and over 700,000 views, shows Sister Cecilia putting on her glasses while the other sisters laugh at her spontaneous comments.

Here's what Sister Cecilia said:

Sister Cecilia: "Yeah, you can really see it. God, you are wonderful! In all creation I see you. Wooooh."

Sister Cecilia's authentic reaction has captivated social media users, who commented on her way of marveling at the beauty of God's creation.

Here's what some users said:

“I love that the first thing she did was praise God! I hope we all have faith like that!”
“Nuns are very special human beings. I had three nun aunts who dedicated more than 100+ years of in charity work and prayers. And, based from my many, many years of visiting them in convents, playing and dining with them and other sisters they’re also fun and funny ”
"I love this. It is so heartwarming to see someone so amazed by the beauty of nature.”
“Happy sisters create happy people. I'm glad I found this video!"

Just like this sister, let us see God in every detail!

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