Abby Johnson revealed in a recent Facebook post that Roe v. Wade’s Norma McCorvey called her just days before she died.

The post comes in response to the FX Documentary AKA Jane Roe, which claims that McCorvey pretended to be pro-life for money.

The former Planned Parenthood clinic director-turned pro-life advocate explained that McCorvey carried a heavy burden: 60 million abortions. She said McCorvey called her because Johnson knows the weight of “a big number.”

Here’s the post below:

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Here’s the full text of Johnson’s post:

“I spoke to Norma McCorvey days before her death. It was the only time we had ever spoken. An unexpected call and a number I didn’t recognize, I almost didn’t answer. I am so thankful that I did.

“There was no long introduction. No formalities. She told me that she called because she needed to talk to someone else who had a ‘big number’ and would understand what she needed to ask me.

“Yes, I have a ‘big number.’ Twenty-two thousand.

“But it was a drop in the bucket compared to the burden that she felt. My number was just part of “her number.” Because she felt like she owned EVERY number.

“She owned my 22,000. She felt like she owned them all. Every abortion that had been committed under the law that bore her name…”Jane Roe”…they were “hers.”

“I know what my burden of 22,000 feels like and it’s heavy. Some days, especially in the beginning, it was debilitating.

“And yes, God forgives. Yes, you know that. Yes, you believe that. But you don’t forget. You never forget what you have done. Most days you don’t want to forget what you have done because those memories are what keep you motivated to fight for justice.

“But SOME days, you drink a bottle of wine and you pretend that you spent those years working as an accountant or a hair stylist or something else, anything else, besides what you really were. And that’s when your number is 22,000.

“Now imagine 50 million. 60 million.

“That’s the burden that Norma carried. A self-imposed burden that she could not shake…that she carried with her until the day of her death.

“She was a fragile woman–a woman whose life was riddled with heartache. She was shamelessly used by the abortion industry at a young age.

“She was a vulnerable target for them and that’s who they prey on. No one reading this can even understand the mental state of a woman tormented by that burden…especially in the last year of her life.

“Were there mistakes made when Norma joined the pro-life movement? I’m sure there were.

“‘Jane Roe’ joining the pro-life cause was certainly unexpected and I think people didn’t know what to do with her. I’m not sure people truly saw or understood the tremendous burden she carried when she first left.

“I do know this. Of all of the people who claimed to be friends with Norma McCorvey, the one I saw who loved her completely was Fr. Frank Pavone.

“Listen to his opinion of this nonsense. Listen to his perspective.

“I have a personal and private story of a time I saw Fr. Frank put his life on hold to care for Norma in her time of need. He journeyed with her into the Catholic Church. He watched her place all of her faith into the loving arms of Christ.

“He truly saw her as Norma McCorvey, not Jane Roe. He loved her well.

“There is a reason that HE was not asked to be in this recent documentary. If he would have been involved, the entire thing would have crumbled.

“He knew the real Norma. And he knew the sincerity of her conversion.

“Her many years as a dedicated pro-life advocate was not a lie.

“Her tearful conversation (which I will keep private) with me days before her death was not a lie.

“The hours she spent praying in front of abortion facilities was not a lie. Her life with Christ was not a lie.


“They lied about and manipulated her so many years ago, they did it right before her death, and they are even doing it after her death.

“They are the lie.”

Pray for the soul of Norma McCorvey!

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