What awesome advice from the amazing Abby Johnson!

Last week, ChurchPOP English Editor Jacqueline Burkepile interviewed former Planned Parenthood clinic director-turned pro-life advocate Abby Johnson.

They discussed multiple topics, including her Catholic faith, forgiveness, and her new movie, Unplanned.

In the clip below, Johnson answers the question, “Which devotions do you believe are the most powerful in combatting the evils of abortion and saving babies’ lives?”

Listen to her answer in the video below:

In response, Johnson explained that people often assume that she has “the best prayer life.”

However, she said that since she travels, is a wife and mother of a large family, is expecting her eighth child,  and lives a very busy life, managing a contemplative prayer life can be challenging.

“I forget to pray as often as I should…don’t take me to adoration because I will fall asleep in a quiet room. I can’t help it because I’m so tired all the time.”

“But I love the Rosary and I love Divine Mercy. Everybody should participate in Divine Mercy Sunday. Baptists, Lutherans, everybody. Because it’s powerful and amazing.”

“I find a little bit of time every day,” she said. “I have this app on my phone called “First Five,” and I read the scriptures and reflect on my day.”

“At the end of the day, I have another app that I do called “Three Minute Retreat” by Loyola Press. It gives you scripture to reflect on at the end of the day and gives you refection questions.”

“Those are the two habitual things I do every day. It literally takes me 10 minutes,” Johnson added. “I try to remember to pray throughout the day…”

Johnson then stresses, “I’m just a real person. I’m trying to survive with God’s grace. I just do what I can. That’s all that we can do.”

Keep on a look out for more clips from this interview!

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