What a powerful pro-life conversion story!

Pure Flix’s Billy Hallowell recently interviewed Dr. Anthony Levatino, an abortionist-turned pro-life advocate on “The Billy and Justin Show.”

Dr. Levatino, who also plays an abortionist in Pure Flix’s Unplanned, said he performed more than 1200 abortions before leaving the abortion industry.

The board-certified obstetrician-gynecologist explained how he entered the abortion industry, and how he and his wife struggled conceiving their own child. After adopting a girl, his wife became pregnant almost immediately after.

Their adopted child, Heather, tragically died shortly before her sixth birthday, after a car hit her right in front of their home.

All of this played a powerful role in his incredible story.

Read his powerful story below:

“If you asked me in 1976 when I graduated from medical school how I felt about the abortion issue, I wouldn’t have hesitated for a minute to tell you was pro-choice.

“This is a decision between a woman and her doctor, and nobody, including the baby’s father, had anything to say about it.”

“In my residency training program between 1976 and 1980, I not only learned how to do deliveries, hysterectomies and all the things that gynecologists do, but I learned to do first and second trimester abortions.

“I got into my private practice in 1980, and at the time, those of us in the abortion industry were looking for a better method of second-trimester abortion.

“We wanted a method of abortion that was like D&C—the patient would fall asleep, and when she woke up, it would all be over…and that’s when the D&E (dilation and evacuation) procedure was developed.

“My partner and I taught each other how to do this abortion procedure, and as a result, we got referrals from other physicians.

“My wife and I met and married, wanted to have a family, found out we couldn’t, and tried to adopt a child.

“It was during the time in my training while we tried adopting a child that I had the first real doubts about doing abortions. It was strictly selfish.

“Here I am trying to find a son or a daughter to bring home and care for, and meanwhile, I’m grinding kids up in suction machines.”

“That’s when it hit me about, ‘Gee, wouldn’t even one of these women allow us to bring her child home and take care of it?’

“But that’s not the way it works.

“We were, fortunately, allowed to adopt a child after a considerable amount of effort…and then my wife got pregnant a month later. So we ended up with two kids 10 months apart.

“But you know, now I’ve got a son and daughter and any thoughts about abortion evaporated and I went back to business as usual.

“Our daughter, Heather, who we had adopted, was two months shy of her sixth birthday when she was struck and killed by a car out in front of our home.

“People who are listening, if they have kids, they may have some idea of what that is like–I assure you, if you’ve never been through this yourself, you have no idea what it’s like. I hope you never find out.

“What do you do after a disaster? You bury your child and you try to get back into your life.

“I don’t know how long it was after Heather’s death, but I showed up at operating room #9 at Albany Medical Center, just like I had over 100 times before for a second trimester D&E abortion.

“These D&E abortions are absolutely brutal.”

Look at your hand: from your middle finger down to your wrist is a 20-week baby from head to rump, not counting the legs. This baby’s been kicking and moving since 10 weeks. The mother often feels the baby moving by that stage.

“You literally have to tear that child limb from limb. So I started that abortion, I ripped out an arm and a leg, stared at it in the clamp, and got sick.

“But you know, when you start an abortion, you can’t stop. You have to make sure you get two arms, two legs and all the pieces, because if you don’t, your patient is going to come back infected, bleeding, or dead.

“So I finished that abortion (and I know it sounds strange to people, but I promise everyone, what I’m telling you is firsthand and true).

“For the first time in my career after all those years and all those abortions, I looked—I really looked at that pile of goo on the side on the table and all those body parts.

“And I didn’t see her wonderful right it is to choose, and I didn’t see what a great physician I was helping her with her problem, and I didn’t even see the $800 cash I just made in 15 minutes.

“All I could see what somebody’s son or daughter.”

“It occurred to me in that moment that this patient had come to me, (figuratively, never literally), and said, “Here’s $800, kill my son or daughter.”

“And I was the kind of person that would look her right in the eye, with no compunction at all, and say, ‘Sure, I’ll do that.’ That was the beginning of the end.”

“I knew why I felt bad, and I thought, ‘I’ll get over this…’ “But I stopped doing second trimester abortions after maybe three months.

“I tell people it’s odd–

“Once you figure out that you’re killing a baby the size of your hand for money is wrong, then it doesn’t take you too long to figure out that it doesn’t matter how big, it’s still her son or daughter.”

“It was Feb. of 1985 that I quit all abortions.”

Dr. Levatino did not leave on religious grounds, but eventually converted to Christianity.

“I didn’t quit [because of religious reasons]. I hurt–that’s why I quit. Period. It was that simple.”

He also explained that he understood the Lord’s forgiveness regarding the abortions he performed, but forgiving himself was the hardest part.

Click here to listen to the full interview.

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