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Hollywood actor Ben Affleck recently discussed his Christian faith with Beliefnet while promoting his lead role in the new film The Way Back.

The film follows the story of a Jack Cunningham, a former high school basketball star and widowed alcoholic.  The character returns to his Catholic high school as the basketball coach of his former team.

Affleck explained that he struggles with his faith, but that “it’s our job to find redemption.”

He said he attends a Methodist church. He and his ex-wife have been seen taking their children to church together. Garner returned to Church after filming her movie, Miracles from Heaven.

“I go to the Methodist Church,” Affleck said. “My kids are baptized and I got introduced to Christianity a little bit later in life.

“One of the things that I found most beautiful about it, and I struggle with my faith–I struggle with belief–but I do see there’s something enormously beautiful and elegant about the notion that we are all sinners.

“It’s our job to find our redemption, to find God’s love, to redeem ourselves, to live the best life that we can, to love one another, to not judge one another, and to forgive one another,” Affleck said.

“I think those are extremely powerful ideas. Probably more relevant today than ever because there’s a little bit more of an attitude to find something somebody did wrong once and get rid of them. That, to me, feels unnecessarily judgmental…‘He who is without sin cast the first stone’ is a very wise proverb.”

Listen to the interview below:

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Pray for Ben Affleck and his family!

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