Retired actor Bug Hall, known for his roles in "The Little Rascals" and "The Big Green," sat down with ChurchPOP English editor Jacqueline Burkepile for an exclusive interview about his Catholic faith.

The actor discussed many topics, including his conversion to the Catholic faith, his life on a farm, his love for Our Lady of Sorrows, and his relationship with his guardian angel.

"The priest who converted me told me I needed to have a relationship with my guardian angel, especially because of my particular circumstance," Hall said.

"It's good for everyone, but I was in a particular place where needed that relationship. I didn't understand it. It didn't make sense to me. How do you even start a relationship with an angel? I tried to pray to him sometimes and just say, 'Hey, I love you.'"

Hall then explains an encounter with his guardian angel that he will never forget. The experience began his now-close relationship with his angel.

"I had this motorcycle at the time," Hall continues, "and it hardly ever worked. It leaked gas from the gas tank. It only started every third time. When it didn't start, the battery had to be charged...I always had to charge the battery to get it to start."

"One day, I was late for a meeting. I came rushing out and I got on my bike. I hit the start button," Hall explains, saying he could not start the bike and had to charge the battery.

"I was 100 percent going to be late to this a kind of moment of desperation, I remember thinking, 'well, I guess I'll ask my guardian angel. Father [Chad] Ripperger keeps telling me to talk to my guardian angel more.'

"I felt really bad. I felt like a friend that only reaches out to someone when they want something. But I remember saying, 'I feel like a jerk or I feel like a bad person even asking you this, but could you start my motorcycle?'

"I hit the start button, and it started up like it was a brand-new motorcycle. I was immediately overwhelmed. I got really choked up because, at that moment, I had this strong impression that my guardian angel did that, not because I needed to be on time for a meeting (that's not very important), but because he knew I hadn't been reaching out to him.

"I just remember being so overwhelmed by a sudden realization of how much he loves us--by how much my guardian angel loves me."

Hall then explains another realization about his guardian angel.

"The first choice my angel made was to love me," he elaborates. "That's an overwhelming thought when you really think about it."

"After that, I just spent a lot of time talking to him--all day, every day."

"I used to write him letters," Hall chuckles. "They were really for me. I wrote him letters and poems--just ways of trying to say 'thank you' in as many ways as I could.

"Now we are really close. I can just go to him."

Look for the full interview with Bug Hall on ChurchPOP soon.

Guardian Angels, pray for us and protect us!

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