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Catholic Hollywood actor Jon Voight published a powerful message of hope on Fri., April 29.

The Mission Impossible actor encouraged his followers to pray and hope in God’s greatness amid a culture lacking morals and filled with violence and injustice.

He said that while the culture seems dark, the power of God will shine through it all.

Here’s his video below: 

Click here if you cannot see the video above.

Here’s the text of the video:

“It’s now a world of turmoil – a world of deceit and lies. It’s also a world that’s also lost the morals of what it once was. Of goodness, of peace, of greatness. The Land of the Free.

“But now our children are learning negativity. Our streets are filled with criminals who are robbing innocent people – stealing.

“It’s a world that has been turned upside down with injustice. But not for long.

“Because the power of God is greater than man. He shall bring back the light, the justice, the morals – so our children can be children, and our streets can be safe. Where one can wear what they want without being robbed.

“Our life is precious. Our dreams are real. Our love, our faith, our hope, our future. Our moments are a gift.

“Let us pray that he will show us all who is the true force – He, the power of God – the power of man’s truths – the power of good over evil.”

“Much love to you.”

Here’s what some people said about the video:

@mrmarco4life, twitter

One user said, “Words that make you think. Well said!”

@riverwildusa, Twitter

Another user said, “Amen, Jon! Powerful and true words.”

@KathyGuess1, Twitter

This user added, “In Jesus Christ Our Lord! Amen!”

@PM20210, Twitter

Another user said, “Thank you for your encouraging words of wisdom. May God bless you [and] may God bless America!”

What do you think of Jon Voight’s message?

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