What a beautiful testimony about life’s true meaning!

Actress Patricia Heaton (The Middle, Carol’s Second Act) explained how glorifying God rather than herself led to her successful acting career.

The former Everybody Loves Raymond star told The Late Show‘s Stephen Colbert that at the start of her career, God “shut every door.” She finally had an opportunity to go to Los Angeles, “and the first month I was there I went to an orphanage in Mexico with a Church.”

“When I came back, I had a huge sense of peace that I never had before. I realized that I had been making the acting career the center of my life. You know as a Catholic, that there’s only one thing that can be the center of your life, and that’s your faith.

“I wasn’t doing that, and I think God was withholding that until I made sure that He was the center of my life and not the career.”

“You can’t rely on those things because they don’t last. You have to know that the purpose of your life is glorifying God with your life, not glorifying yourself with your career.”

She later addresses how God also helped her quit drinking.

Listen to her full interview below:

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