Let’s applaud these Twitter users for defending the unborn!

Alyssa Milano asked women to email her their abortion stories in a tweet. The stories were for her podcast “Sorry Not Sorry.” 

The actress, known for her roles in Who’s the Boss and Charmed, is a passionate pro-abortion advocate.

She made headlines for initiating a protest against Georgia’s Heartbeat Bill, which generated more than 70 Hollywood actors’ and actresses’ support.

Here’s her tweet asking for women’s abortion stories:

@Alyssa_Milano, Twitter

Milano’s tweet reads, “If you’d like to share your personal abortion story on my podcast to help shine a light on the importance of bodily autonomy, please record story on your voice memo app and email it to below address. If you’d like to remain anonymous please say so in your email. #SorryNotSorry”

Milano retweeted a post from her “Sorry Not Sorry” podcast account, which is below her original tweet. The tweet reads, “Nearly one in four women in the United States will have an abortion by age 45. Do you want to share your story on #SorryNotSorry? /  Email Submissions@sorrynotsorrypod.com”

While the post generated a variety of responses, it also caught the attention of pro-life women, including women and men suffering from previous abortions.

Here’s some of their stories:

@RoseBro49034242, Twitter

This user’s tweet reads, “My mom was a single mother, unmarried, daughter of a Pentecostal preacher, with a rare blood disease and working in a low wage factory job. She was encouraged to abort me told she & I would die. She chose life I’m now her caregiver. So there’s mine.”

@amykcoop, Twitter

This user said, “My grandmother was going to abort my mom but changed her mind last minute. Thankfully that means my mom, my two brothers and myself, and my two children all got to be born #sorrynotsorry”

The user then added, “Oops, forgot my three adorable nieces as well!”

Click here if you cannot see the tweet above.

Another woman tweeted, “#borntolivenotdie the baby I was told to abort…a miracle!”

She also posted a photo of her daughter and a link to her website, because she is a now a musician.

Other mothers also provided their incredible stories. Read them below:

@amiguita2u, Twitter

Her tweets read, “In late 1973 in San Francisco, my mother was told by 3 separate doctors at 3 different facilites to abort because she was 39 (ridiculous), Latina, and this would be her 6th. Was it racism? ‘You don’t have to tell your husband.’ How many babies didn’t make it in this situation?”

She continued, “She told them she could never kill her child. My mother, frightened by this harassment, stopped going to prenatal visits. I was born at SF General Hospital instead of her regular hospital.”

Another mother tweeted, “I went to an abortion clinic daily for over a month….. couldn’t do it! Thank God I didn’t because my beautiful daughter is one of my greatest gifts to the world! #IWasRaped #metoo #Infanticide

Here’s her tweet below:

@talk2melodie, Twitter

Other users explained how they  regret their abortions.

Read some of them below.
Warning: This may be sensitive material for some.

@Hoodoo33, Twitter

This user tweeted, “It’s personal and the most difficult decision I ever made. I would never talk about my story to encourage abortion, I would discourage it, so obviously you wouldn’t want to hear my story.”

@LizabethMooney2, Twitter

Another user said, “I had an abortion at the age of 23. I missed out on what a precious gift I choose to give up. I’m thankful for God’s grace and forgiveness and for raising my precious baby in heaven. I get to see my child when I get to heaven. What an amazing day that will [be].”

@BeepMason, Twitter

Another abortion sufferer tweeted, “I would but you’d never use it. It was a horrific experience. Planned Parenthood had beds in a large room with buckets of blood and mutilated babies in them. Decades later, it still drives me to tears knowing I killed my own child. Much therapy was needed afterwards. Nice, huh?

Let us pray for Alyssa Milano and all those suffering from the tragedy of abortion!

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for and protect the unborn!

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