Wow, this is amazing.

The Knights of Columbus has an great new video series called Everyday Heroes (watch a trailer for the whole series here), which highlights stories of how their members are serving the Church and the world in particularly inspiring ways. We already shared Episode 1 and Episode 2 with you.

This week’s episode is the incredible story of how the Knights of Columbus are saving lives and serving the poor and needy in Puerto Rico in the wake of the devastating Hurricane Maria last fall. It follows José Lebron-Sanabria, who has been heroically leading the KoC’s work there.

I asked God what I have to do to take care of the members,” he explains in the video. “I really feel that he told me, ‘ask to McGivney.’” That’s a reference to Fr. Michael Joseph McGivney, who founded the Knights of Columbus in 1882. His cause for canonization has been open since 1996, and in 2008 he was declared Venerable.

And I feel that he said, ‘Take care of my members.’ I hope that Fr. McGivney is proud of what the Knights of Columbus have done here.”

Here’s the video:

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