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While the Notre Dame Cathedral fire is certainly a terrible tragedy, God can bring good from anything.

Major Hollywood celebrities reacted to disastrous fire, including Anne Hathaway, Patricia Heaton, Roma Downey, and several others.

Check out some of their posts below:

@annehathaway, Twitter

Anne Hathaway’s Instagram post reads,  “I know this is an inspired representation of an even greater divinity. I know this blessed place is a human-made interpretation of what is mysterious, unknowable, and undefinable and while seeing her burn brings tears to my eyes, I know even flames cannot diminish her sacredness. / Still, not her. / Please. / Not her. / #notredame #ourlady”

@PatriciaHeaton, Twitter

Actress Patricia Heaton tweeted, “I can’t even look at #NotreDameFire – it’s heartbreaking.”

The actress also retweeted an ABC News video of the cathedral’s spire falling.

@PatriciaHeaton, Twitter

Heaton said, “How on earth is this possible? Was there nothing in place – sprinkler system, emergency fire plan – for such an event as this? This loss is incomprehensible.”

@joshgroban, Twitter

Singer-Songwriter Josh Groban also posted two tweets regarding the fire.

In this tweet he said, “Watching the Notre-Dame fire with such sadness. Sending love to the people of France and hoping they get a handle on it soon. It has survived, and will survive.”

@joshgroban, Twitter

In another tweet, he reposted a photo of the cathedral’s altar post-fire.

He said, “What an extraordinary picture.”

@melissajoanhart, Twitter

Actress Melissa Joan Hart posted her reaction, saying, “Im gutted! This is heartbreaking! Luckily a few statues were salvaged due to the construction. #NotreDame

@krisjenner, Instagram

Television personality Kris Jenner said in an Instagram post,  “This is just so devastating. My heart goes out to Paris. We grieve for you and pray that in time you can rebuild. Thanks to the brave firefighters who have worked so hard, risking their lives, to save the cathedral. 💔 #Paris #NotreDame”

@RealJamesWoods, Twitter

Actor James Woods even pinned his tweet to the top of his Twitter account.

He said, “As a Roman Catholic and a friend of France, to see this magnificent creation engulfed in flames is a knife to the heart. #NotreDame”

Touched By An Angel star Roma Downey seemed especially heartbroken over the disaster. She’s retweeted multiple news posts, and expressed her personal reaction to the tragedy.

She’s also posted multiple photos and comments regarding fire.

@romadowney, Instagram

Downey posted this Instagram photo shortly after she heard the news about the fire.

The post’s caption reads, “Scene from Paris tonight as the beautiful and historic church of Our Lady (Notre Dame) caught on fire.

“Praying by the time you read this that no one is injured, that the flames have been put out and that the situation is all under control .

“Praying for Notre Dame 🙏 that GOD will protect the firefighters and this beautiful building , this holy sacred space #notredame #paris #fire”

@romadowney, Instagram

She posted a second photo which reads, “Holy Week off to a heartbreaking start in Paris. Sadness and grief in the city of lights .Tragic scene as people stood in disbelief to witness Notre Dame in flames . #notredame #paris.”

@romadowney, Instagram

Downey’s third post reads, “‘I never weary of great churches. It is my favorite kind of mountain scenery. Mankind was never so happily inspired as when it made a cathedral.’ Robert Louis Stevenson 🙏”.

@romadowney, Instagram

In one of her more recent posts, Downey said,  “‘Hold the cross high that I might see it through the flames.’ Joan of Arc.

“Brave French rescue workers inside Notre Dame to access damage. Much is destroyed in the wake of this tragedy but standing in the ashes the cross remains .

“In the midst of all this sadness and grief the CROSS is a symbol of hope and resurrection on this Holy Week 🕊 …look for the helpers there are always helpers.”

Pray for Notre Dame!

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