Do modern distractions cause us to stray from God?

On a recent episode of The Catholic Gentleman, hosts Sam Guzman and John Heinen, with special guest philosophy professor John Cuddeback, confront a pressing concern: Are the distractions of our age making us lose touch with the Divine?

"Today, many are conditioned to see the world through a disordered lens," Heinen says.

During the episode, Cuddeback hints at the subtle influences of consumerism, technology, and societal norms that might unconsciously divert our focus away from faith.

At our core lies a need for profound connections, be it with family, nature, or the Divine.

"We are made for a relationship. We mirror God's Divine Nature, and God inherently lives in relationship," Cuddeback poignantly explains.

Cuddeback suggests that simple, often overlooked activities could help recalibrate our perspectives.

"Rediscovering the household means rediscovering relationships," he says, emphasizing that activities like gardening, hunting, or woodworking aren’t mere chores. These activities are soulful endeavors that bind us to our roots, helping us resonate with God’s design for humanity.

Echoing Wendell Berry, Cuddeback remarks, "All living things need a conducive context to thrive." By embracing these traditional practices, we create a nurturing environment for our souls.

The professor elaborates further, explaining that every element in the household should nurture our relationships and steer us toward the divine connections we are destined for.

His message is clear: everyone should introspect how our daily tasks and environments might be geared more towards spiritual enrichment rather than consumerism to better realign our lives with spiritual and familial values!

Find out more in the insightful episode below:

Let’s grow closer to God by embracing timeless traditions!

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