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Fr. Dan Beeman of the Diocese of Richmond, Va. revealed an amazing confession story on Twitter.

The pastor of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church in Newport News, Va. said he ordered Chinese food from Uber Eats, only to end the drop-off with sacramental confession.

As of this writing, the tweet generated 1,000 likes and almost 11,000 retweets.

Here’s his full story below:

@inthelineofmel, Twitter

The full tweet reads, “Uber eats drops off food. I close door. Driver knocks again one minute later. I think he must have given me the wrong order. / “Are you a priest? A Catholic priest?” – Yeah, this is the rectory.  / “Well can I go to confession before you eat?”/ #UberConfess.”

Fr. Beeman later elaborated on the story in a Fox News interview.

“It was an incredible thing. One of the things that we promise in confession is anonymity. He was wearing a mask and a hat. I have no idea who he was.”

“What an opportunity for incredible grace,” he said. “It was a neat encounter.”

Here’s the full interview:

Click here if you cannot see the video above.

Almost 200 Twitter users commented on Fr. Beeman’s story.

Here’s what some users said:

@Deogratias93, Twitter

This user commented, “Love this because that driver wanted to go to Confession! We hunger for the sacraments!”

@LouisGambetta, Twitter

Another user said, “I had a priest as a patient last week. When I was done treating him, I asked if he would stop into my office to hear my confession!”

The user added that they “both had masks on as he sat across from my desk” and heard the confession.

@MarcDillon68, Twitter

This user also said, “This put a smile on my face. #mercy #grace #GodsLove.”

Pray for our priests!

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