This is pretty funny!

Sister Bethany, FSP, of the Daughters of St. Paul tweeted a couple of experiences she had in public throughout this Halloween season.

She revealed one experience where someone asked her, “Are you a real nun?”

Here’s the tweet below:

@SrBethanyFSP, Twitter

Sr. Bethany’s full tweet reads, “‘tis the season. 🍂🍁 🎃 👻 / Got my first, “Are you a real nun? Or is that just a really good costume?“ of the year. 😂”

The Daughter of St. Paul sister posted a second tweet explaining that a child at Target pointed at her and asked his mother, “What is that?”

Here’s her tweet below:

@SrBethanyFSP, Twitter

Sr. Bethany’s full tweet reads, “Also, there’s a kid here at Target who pointed at me and whispered extremely loudly to his mother ‘What is that?’ 😂😂😂”

Her second tweet generated multiple responses. Users shared own stories about the religious in their communities. The Carmelite Nuns in Great Britain and Malta said a similar situation also occurred at a supermarket during the Halloween season.

Here’s what the Carmelites wrote below:

@carmelnunsgb, Twitter

The full tweet reads, “One of our Sisters was doing some community shopping in a supermarket near Halloween when a kid pointed at her and called out “Daddy! That’s the costume I want!”

Another user added that her three-year-old daughter asked why the nuns dressed up as penguins! 😂

@wally_rva, Twitter

The full tweet reads, “We went to a light display at the botanical gardens a few years ago, and there was a group of nuns there at the same time. My (then) three-year-old asked me if they were elves dressed like penguins. 😂”

What are your thoughts? Have you witnessed anything like this before?

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