How often do you hear these misconceptions about the Catholic Church?

On this week’s episode of The Catholic Talk Show, Ryan DellaCrosse, Ryan Scheel, and Fr. Rich Pagano discuss the misconceptions often believed about Catholic Church teaching.

Scheel explains that many of these points result from indifference to faith in our culture, as well as ignorance of the Church’s true teachings.

One of common misconceptions discussed is that Catholics aren’t Christians.

“Are You Catholic or Are You Christian?”

Sheel says many people ask, “So are you Catholic or are you Christian?

Fr. Pagano responds, “What’s interesting is that in the original deposit of the faith when the apostles spread the faith, there was a treatment of Christianity–of Catholicism.

“The name associated with the movement was the Nazarenes. You know the scripture that says, ‘what good can come from Nazareth?’ (Jn. 1:46)

“So it was this derogatory statement that people said culturally against the movement of the person of Jesus Christ…that’s where the first nominal Christianity was formed–right there in Nazarenes.

“But later on throughout the centuries, it became ‘katholikos.'”

Scheel adds, “Even before that in Acts 11:26…Paul and Barnabas went to Antioch…it says there that they first started using the word “Christian” to describe followers of Christ.”

“Now I’m not good at history,” Scheel says sarcastically. “But I’m pretty sure Acts 11:26 was written before Rev. Jim Bob at the 14th Pentecostal Church of First Street started saying ‘we are the right Christians.’

“Historically, Catholics have been around a lot longer, and the use of the word ‘Christians’ goes back to the very beginning of the Church.”

The show discusses nine additional misconceptions, including:

1) Catholics worship Mary and statues
2) Catholics changed and don’t believe in the Bible
3) The Catholic church hates gay people
4) Celibacy caused the abuse scandals

…and much more!

Listen to all 10 points below:

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