The apparitions of Mary of the Holy Rosary of San Nicolás have a “supernatural character” and are worthy of belief, declared Bishop Héctor Sabatino Cardelli of San Nicolás de los Arroyos in Argentina.

“I worked in consultation with experts and witnesses,” Bishop Cardelli said in a homily on May 22nd, 2016.

“I judged the fact according to two criteria: Positives and negatives and in both cases there were no errors.”

“I discerned on three specific criteria, namely: Event Is naturally occurring? Can it be work of the enemy? Is it supernatural origin? And the answers to these questions left me sure that it is the real and positive fruit exceeding mere human action.”

In 1983, the devout but uneducated housewife Gladys Quiroga de Motta says that Mary appeared in her house in San Nicolas de los Arroyos, Argentina while she was praying the rosary.

Mary was dressed in blue, holding the baby Jesus, and with a rosary in her hand – but quickly disappeared without a word. Other families in the city reported similar visitations.

After several more visitations, Mary finally spoke to Gladys for the first time, saying, “You have done well. Do not be afraid. Come to see me. I will take you by the hand and you will travel many paths.”

Mary and Jesus appeared to Gladys many more times over the course of the next 6 1/2 years, giving her around 800 messages.

Among the requests Mary made to Gladys was that she make a medal honoring Mary of the Rosary of San Nicolas. Mary said that one side should have 7 stars to represent “the seven graces that my Son Jesus Christ will grant to whoever has it on its chest. Praised be the Lord.”

Although there is already great devotion to Mary of the Rosary of San Nicolás, the official approval of the local bishop is sure to promote the story and devotion.

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