Please pray for the protection of our churches!

The USCCB recently issued a report listing at least 95 churches vandalized since May 2020 across the United States. According to the report, churches across 29 states fell victim to arson, statue beheadings, graffiti, and more.

The USCCB’s website lists the attacks and several article links defending the church and condemning the attacks. The website lists almost 40 attacks this year alone.

“Our nation finds itself in an extraordinary hour of cultural conflict,” the USCCB’s Bishop Chairman said.

“The path forward must be through the compassion and understanding practiced and taught by Jesus and his Holy Mother. Let us contemplate, rather than destroy, images of these examples of God’s love. Following the example of Our Lord, we respond to confusion with understanding and to hatred with love.”

The most recent reported attack occurred in Colorado.

Vandals graffitied church signs, doors, and walls at At St. Louis Catholic Church in Louisville, Colo. on Sept. 5, following the passage of Texas’ Heartbeat Act.

Here’s some photos below:

Louisville Police Department, Facebook

Louisville Police Department, Facebook

Louisville Police Department, Facebook

Bishops call the faithful to pray for vandals

“Whether those who committed these acts were troubled individuals crying out for help or agents of hate seeking to intimidate, the attacks are signs of a society in need of healing,” the statement reads.

“In those incidents where human actions are clear, the motives still are not. As we strain to understand the destruction of these holy symbols of selfless love and devotion, we pray for any who have caused it, and we remain vigilant against more of it.”

The bishops added that the attacks give the church the opportunity “to bear witness to our hope in the Lord.”

“The recent vandalism of churches and their sacred art gives us the opportunity to bear witness to our hope in the Lord whose beauty is revealed on the Cross.

Beauty Heals invites us to learn about works of devotional art significant to local churches and how they inspire Catholics to live beautifully.”

St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle! ⚔️🛡️⚔️

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