This girl is so brave!

13-year-old Addison Woosley bravely defended the unborn in a three-minute speech at a June 4 city council meeting. She attended the meeting in an effort to make Raleigh a “sanctuary city for the unborn.”

“I strongly believe abortion is murder.” I also believe abortion is wrong. So I ask you to make abortion illegal here in Raleigh,” Woosley begins.

“Abortion should be illegal because it’s murder. The definition of murder is “the killing of one human being by another without justification, and often with intended malice.

“When mothers choose to slaughter their innocent babies, they already have fingerprints, noses, they can recognize their mom’s voice, they can hiccup, and their heart is beating.”

“On ultrasounds the baby tries to run away from the disturbing instruments that try to kill the baby,” Woosley adds.

She later emphasizes the comparison between abortion and slavery, where audience members then harass and scream at her. Woosley raises her own voice to drown out the audience.

Addison Woosley then shouts into the microphone, “Abortion reminds me of slavery. Owners said that slaves were their property, and they could do whatever they wanted with them. Just how moms say about their babies.”

At this point of her speech, the city council member shouts, “Order! Order!” as the audience becomes belligerent.

Woosley then continues, “My hope is that in a few years, we’ll look back on abortion and think, ‘That was so cruel! I can’t believe we did that.’ Just how we all look back at slavery.

The question is, ‘Who will you be?’ The slave owner? The man nailing the whites-only sign on the water fountain? Rosa Parks? Or Abraham Lincoln? Who are you going to be? Make a choice.”

“Are you choosing to be the plantation worker flogging the little black child? Or are you going to protest, even if it costs you your life, like Martin Luther King Jr.? Who are you going to be?

“If you think abortion should be illegal, would you please stand up?”

As audience members continue screaming at her, Woosley repeats, “If you think abortion should be illegal, will you please stand up? We need to change the law to change the world, so let’s stand up and do it.”

According to this article in Liberty Headlines, one woman yelled, ““Done! Done!” and “Inappropriate!” 

Another woman yelled, “Do not speak for black people! Go save your own! You don’t speak for black people!”

The woman then addressed the city councilman, saying“You are a black man…You need to stand up and recognize.”

However, the councilman said, “Yes, I am a black man…and, yes, everyone who signs up has a right to speak. That is the rule of the land. I can’t come up here and say you can speak or you can’t speak.”

Listen to Addison’s full speech below:

Click here if you cannot see the video above.

Bravo, Addison! We are so proud of your bravery and for being a voice for the voiceless!

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