Susanna Spencer

Susanna Spencer

St. Paul, MN Website

Susanna lives in St. Paul, MN with her husband and children. She spends her time going to beautiful liturgies, cooking, reading, home schooling her children, and writing all about it at her blog.

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The Beautiful Liturgy of Baseball

It’s October in Minnesota, and I can’t help but notice and admire all the beautiful things. I love the bright flame colored trees, the decorative gourds, the last harvest of tomatoes, the taste of chocolate chip pumpkin bread, a hot cup of tea, and, of course, baseball. Yes,...

8 Steps to a Stronger Christian Marriage

Summer happens to be anniversary season in our family. There’s my parent’s wedding anniversary, me and my husband’s wedding anniversary, plus other anniversaries take place later this summer. I asked my parents about their thoughts on what helps one have a lasting marriage, and from the fruits...

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