Wow, please pray for EWTN and all those involved in this incident!

During the live Sunday Morning Mass on EWTN, a belligerent man shouting profanities charged at Fr. Wade Menezes during the consecration.

Looking completely startled and somewhat scared, Fr. Menezes still managed to keep his composure during the incident. What a brave man!

You can watch the video below. (Warning: offensive content.)

Michael Warsaw, the CEO of EWTN, later issued this statement:

“On Sunday, November 4th during the 7:00 a.m. live televised Mass on EWTN, an individual caused a disturbance in the chapel and attempted to approach the altar.

“The man was immediately removed from the chapel by EWTN security personnel.  He was subsequently detained by the Irondale Police Department and a trespass warning was issued.

“No one was injured and the Mass continued without further incident.  We ask that our EWTN family keep this individual in their prayers.”

What People Said About It

Many people responded to the incident on Twitter. Here’s what some people said:

@stellamaris325, Twitter

This user tweeted, “This is what possession looks like. Done at the highest moment of the Mass, the consecration.”


@reginamrc6, Twitter

Another user said, “I know, he looked scared to death. I’m sure martyrdom flashed before his eyes.”


@deusestbonus, Twitter

This user added, “Praying for all in the spiritual battle, especially for our shepherds.”

@DarnMarn, Twitter

Another user tweeted, “Oh my Jesus ✝️ forgive us our sins. Save us from the fires 🔥 of hell. Lead all souls to heaven especially those who have the greatest need of thy ✝️ mercy. Amen.”

@pghgirl, Twitter

Another user said, “Oh my Jesus thank you for protecting the priest & all who were in attendance. St. Michael the Archangel defend us in battle!🙏🏼”

Yes, thank you, Jesus!

St. Michael, pray for us and protect us!

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