Praise the Lord!

If you don’t already know, Lisa Cotter has been a prolific Catholic leader for many years. She’s the author of Dating Detox, co-hosts a Catholic podcast, and has worked with her husband Kevin Cotter for FOCUS for many years.

And she just shared an amazing story on Twitter of how God can work in unexpected ways.

Here’s the story:

@LisaAnnCotter, Twitter

@LisaAnnCotter, Twitter

The two tweets together read:

“At confession today a visibly nervous woman came in & asked where the confessional was. After pointing it out she shared that she hadn’t been in 55 years. I gave her a hug & told her welcome back. @KevinRCotter ran to the book kiosks…

“And bought her a copy of Rediscovering Catholicism by @MatthewFKelly. We then found her a card with the parish code (@Augustine_Inst), pointed out the adoration chapel, & prayed with her. Please pray for Norah to be brave. Best birthday ever. #35”

Praise the Lord! The hosts of heaven rejoice when someone returns to the faith. And the Sacrament of Confession is so powerful!

It also goes to show that you never know when God might have work for you to do – even if you’re simply waiting in line for Confession. So be prepared!

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