We are so excited to share some amazing news with you!

The EWTN Religious Catalogue now sells ChurchPOP t-shirts! The ChurchPOP team also wears this official shirt!

Here’s a photo of the ChurchPOP t-shirt below:

EWTN Religious Catalogue

The t-shirt is a solid, sky blue color with the ChurchPOP popsicle logo on the front, “SAINT HOOD #GOALS” in white text on the back, and a white EWTN logo on the left sleeve.

The t-shirt is available in five sizes: small, medium, large, extra large, and double-extra large.

As Caroline says in the Instagram video below, “We can match!” 


The t-shirt is also available at the EWTN Religious Catalog store in Birmingham, Alabama!

Here’s a photo from the EWTN Birmingham, Ala. store:

Caroline Bortle, ChurchPOP

Click Here to Buy Your Official ChurchPOP T-Shirt!

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