Here’s something you don’t see everyday!

Bishop Joseph Strickland of the Diocese of Tyler, Texas is in Poland with a group of young people for World Youth Day. Somehow the 57-year-old bishop got himself into a push-up contest with a young guy from his diocese, and they recorded a video of the whole thing!

With people gathered around, Bishop Strickland and Joseph Mahmoud got on the ground and started doing push-ups, with the winner being whoever could do the most.

Quick! Before reading further, who do you think won?

dioceseoftyler, YouTube
dioceseoftyler, YouTube

Though Bishop Strickland started off strong with great form, he hit a wall around push-up number 50, while Mahmoud was able to keep going seemingly without a problem. Though he lost, Bishop Strickland was a good sport and shook Mahmoud’s hand at the end.

It appears Bishop Strickland takes physical fitness seriously: apart from his impressive 50 push-ups, his blog prior to being consecrated a bishop was titled “RunFatherRun.”

Here’s the full video:

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