Wow! What a statement!

Bishop Scott McCaig, Bishop of the Roman Catholic Military Ordinariate of Canada, wrote an epic response on his Twitter account to late scientist Stephen Hawking’s denial of God in his recently published book, “Brief Answers to the Big Questions.”

Throughout his book, Hawking denies God’s existence and His work as creator of the universe.

“Did God create the quantum laws that allowed the Big Bang to occur?” Hawking said. “I have no desire to offend anyone of faith, but I think science has a more compelling explanation than a divine creator.”

He also says that, “the universe itself, in all its mind-boggling vastness and complexity, could simply have popped into existence without violating the known laws of nature.”

He added, “We have finally found something that doesn’t have a cause, because there was no time for a cause to exist in…For me, this means that there is no possibility of a creator, because there is no time for a creator to have existed in.”

Here’s Bishop McCaig’s response:

@bishopscmc, Twitter

BishopMcCaig’s Twitter post reads, “This would be valid if we professed Zeus or Thor, but we don’t. God is “ipsum esse” the very source and ground of being – Being itself, not something in the system.”

The latin phrase, “ipsum esse,” (or “Ipsum esse subsistens”) derives from St. Thomas Aquinas’ theological concept, which means “subsistent act of existing itself.”

Several users praised the Bishop’s tweet:

@GreggDourgarian, Twitter

This user’s tweet reads, “Nice to have a bishop speaking the truth. Tx. — a hungry Catholic.”

@KefrenZepeda, Twitter

Another user said, “Dear Bishop, you are absolutely right!”

Other Twitter users added to the argument:

@ajcii, Twitter

This user explained, “If God is reason alone, you are correct. The true atheist simply lacks faith, or maybe misunderstands it. One God, many names, One faith from the One God and One baptism.”

@robjantonelli, Twitter

Another user added, “According to Hawkins: the universe was spontaneously created out of nothing … I can think of no greater definition of God’s creation plan!!!”

How would you respond to Stephen Hawking if given the chance?

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