Bishop Robert Barron, the Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of Los Angeles, recently opened up a message board on Reddit.

Even though Reddit is not completely atheist, atheism definitely dominates this media forum. He invited atheists and agnostics to ask him anything regarding the Catholic faith!

Here’s his original post, which generated more than eleven thousand comments!

BishopBarron, Reddit

Check out the photos below to see some of his best questions and responses!

If you cannot read the photos, just click the links below them to see the original posts.


What do you miss most about Chicago? When and where can I hear your homily in person?

miznyu33, Reddit / BishopBarron, Reddit

How would you defend the Catholic claim of papal Supremacy? Why should I become Catholic and not Orthodox?

iebennet, Reddit / BishopBarron, Reddit

What role can memes, and comedy in general, play in the work of evangelization?

degrabatman, Reddit / BishopBarron, Reddit

How does one reach out from a long-held (but respectful) agnosticism to even entertain the question [of faith] openly anymore?

CardboardSoyuz, Reddit / BishopBarron, Reddit

Why does hell exist? If God is all-good, then why does he create people he knows will suffer for eternity?

maddog367, Reddit / BishopBarron, Reddit

I have never seen a good argument for why God exists…Why use faith when we can use evidence?

dem0n0cracy, Reddit / BishopBarron, Reddit

If you had the responsibility to name a patron saint for Reddit, who would it be?

CustosClavium, Reddit / BishopBarron, Reddit

His forum is closed now, but he hopes to do this again sometime.

What do you think of the questions and answers?

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