Bishop Robert Barron is certainly a bishop of the 21st century!

Bp. Barron is currently filming for the next installment in his Pivotal Players series and recently visited the tomb of St. Ambrose in Milan, Italy. As a “behind the scenes look” of their work, he posted pictures of the great saint’s skeletal remains on his Facebook page.

Despite the Church’s long history of keeping, displaying, and venerating the remains of saints, there were a number of negative reactions in the comments about the photos.

And Bp. Barron jumped right into the discussion!

Here are his exchanges on his Facebook page:

Bishop Robert Barron, Facebook

Bishop Robert Barron, Facebook

Bishop Robert Barron, Facebook

Bishop Robert Barron, Facebook

It’s great to see a bishop openly and winsomely interacting with people publicly on social media like this!

Inspired by this exchange, Bp. Barron wrote an article about the importance of relics you can read here.

If you haven’t already, we highly recommend you check out Bp. Barron’s insightful and beautiful video series, CATHOLICISMThe New Evangeliation, and The Pivotal Players: Volume 1 (he’s currently making Volume 2).

Pray for the success of his ministry!

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