Congratulations are in order!

Online media personality and commentator Bp. Robert Barron just received an amazing award that confirms the greatness of his online ministry: a YouTube Silver Play Button!

He opened the box that came in the mail with the award inside during a live video on Facebook (you can watch the full recorded video below).

“As I look at this award,” Bp. Barron explained as he held the award, “I think of all the people: first of all, the donors who made this work possible early on, and all those who have worked over these many years, you know filming the YouTube videos. But especially all those that watch them. […]

And I’m grateful to YouTube itself, which has been, for us, an important vehicle of evangelization.”

The YouTube plaque is awarded to the owners of YouTube channels that get more than 100,000 subscribers, an amazing feat. His channel currently stands at over 122,000 subscribers.

Bp. Barron is currently serving as an auxiliary bishop in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Most famously, though, he is the head of Word on Fire, a multi-faceted ministry that does everything from YouTube videos and online articles to books and the spectacular documentary series CATHOLICISM.

Here’s the full video of Bp. Barron opening the award:

Congratulations Bp. Barron!

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