Wow! What a brave nun!

A nun in Cincinnati, Ohio made a bold statement in a recent viral video.

The video shows the Discalced Carmelite Nun of the Daughters of St. Elias climbing a ladder and spray-painting windows covered in cardboard with two inspiring slogans: “God is love” and “the world will change when hearts change.”

She painted while protesters passed the building, which belongs to the sisters who are starting a new community in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood of Cincinnati.

As of this writing, the video generated almost 360,000 views and more than 5,000 shares. How beautiful!

Here’s the video below:

Click here if you cannot see the post above. 

“The protest was passing and everyone was covering their windows with wood as some had been broken into,” one of the nuns told ChurchPOP.  “We are poor and not too worried, so we covered our windows with cardboard and messages of love and peace.”

“There was some scuffling next to our building, and other buildings had their windows broken,” the sister added. “We just want to spread hope and love.”

“Despite all this, you see good things are happening in the community,” she said. “God is at work. We are becoming closer in the midst of this.”

“We pray this encourages others to step out in love and ‘be not afraid.'”

The nuns sent ChurchPOP an additional photo of both buildings spray-painted with inspirational messages. While some of the pieces fell overnight, the messages said, “We all belong to one another,” and “your neighbor IS you brother.”

Here’s a photo of the nuns’ two buildings:

Daughters of St. Elias

The Carmelites also reposted the viral video on their Facebook page with this caption:

“Let us pray for unity, justice and mercy, peace, mutual respect, respect and reverence for all life, and to not forget that your neighbor IS your brother and we all belong to one another.

“Violence begets greater division and more violence…love changes hearts and love changes the world. Let’s change the world one heart at a time, beginning with our own.

“No man is an island. I am my brother’s keeper. ♥️ 🙌🏻 🙏🏻”

Another photo surfaced of the same nun holding a rosary and kneeling with protesters. 

Here’s the post below:

@MrsCesare, Twitter

The post reads, “Gospel being lived radically and without fear here in Cincinnati, OH.”

@MrsCesare, Twitter

The user adds, “The Daughters of St. Elias minister to the homeless of our city. They are renovating two old buildings as a convent if you’d like to help.”

Here’s the enlarged photo below:

@MrsCesare, Twitter

The Daughters of St. Elias “strive to live as contemplatives in the world–daughters of St. Elias (Elijah), Father of Carmelites.” They “have two hours of mental prayer a day and live as their Holy Father St. John of the Cross.”

Please pray for peace!

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