Prayer is so important during spiritual warfare!

Fr. Mark Goring of of St. Mary’s Parish in Ottawa, Ca. provided three powerful prayers in a recent video for battling the evil one.

“We are in a spiritual battle,” Fr. Goring begins. “One of the things the demons do not want you do is to hope.”

“In scripture, it says that everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. And the Lord Jesus says, ‘I will not turn away anyone who comes to me.'” 

“There are times when the demons will attack us and harass us,” Fr. Goring says. “The devil wants us to despair–to feel no hope.

“Yes, we’ve sinned. Yes, we’ve messed up. Yes, we’ve let the Lord down. There’s some truth to that, but the truth is, the Lord loves us with an everlasting love…and he will never forsake us.

“When we find ourselves under attack or under oppression…we need to know how to respond based on God’s word,” he explains. “These prayers need to be prayed with confidence and childlike trust.”

Here’s Fr. Goring’s list of three prayers:

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Here’s the text of the three prayers below:

1) The Jesus Prayer

“Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.”

2) The Prayer of Trust

Fr. Goring suggests ways to say this prayer:

“Jesus, I trust in You.”
“Wounds of Christ, I trust in You.”
“Heart that was pierced for me, I trust in You.”

He continues, explaining that “this calling on the name of Jesus will burn the demons. They will flee.”

3) “Father, Thy Will Be Done”

Fr. Goring says that the prayer, “Father, Thy Will be done,” fights the demons “trying to impose their will.”

“When the demons try to impose their diabolical will on us, we can respond, ‘Abba, Father. Thy Will Be Done!”

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