Please continue praying for Cardinal Burke!

Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke issued another health update explaining his current state after contracting COVID-19 in early August.

Medical professionals placed His Eminence on a ventilator approximately one week after he contracted the virus. The world stormed heaven in prayer, pleading that the Lord spare his life.

He thanked the public “with all [his] heart, for [their] faithful and generous prayers.”

“I thank, above all, Our Lord, who, in answer to your prayers, has preserved me in life. I thank, too, Our Lady of Guadalupe, and all the Saints through whose intercession you have offered and are offering prayers for me.”

The 73-year-old cardinal and archbishop emeritus of St. Louis said his priest secretary came from Rome to say with him after the hospital discharged him. The secretary helps him with rehabilitation, daily correspondence, and schedule changes.

Cardinal Burke is undergoing rehabilitation and explained his “slow” but “steady” recovery.

The cardinal struggles with breathing, fatigue, and is “regaining certain fundamental physical skills needed for…daily living.”

“The doctors and therapists who direct the program of rehabilitation assure me that it is necessarily so and that I am doing well,” Cardinal Burke explained. “For my part, I am trying to grow in patience.”

His Eminence added that he “cannot predict” when he will “return to normal activities,” and that it may “be several more weeks.”

Here’s his Facebook post below:

Click here if you cannot see the post above. 

Cardinal Burke concluded his letter asking for the continued prayers of the faithful. He believes the Lord preserved his life “for some work which He wishes me to carry out.”

He also reiterated his dedication to Our Lady, St. Joseph, the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

“Throughout the time in the hospital and now, I continue to place myself into the care of Our Blessed Mother, so that my heart, one with her Immaculate Heart, may rest always securely in Our Lord’s Most Sacred Heart.

“As a spiritual father in the Church, I have counted heavily upon the help of Saint Joseph, whose Most Pure Heart embraced the Heart of Mary, his true spouse, and of Jesus, her Divine Son confided to his fatherly care.”

His Eminence added that he offers his prayers and sufferings “for your intentions.

“Let us all pray and offer sacrifices for the world and the Church, which are beset with so much confusion and error to the great and even mortal harm of many souls.”

Sacred Heart of Jesus, Our Lady, and St. Joseph, please heal Cardinal Burke! 🙏

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