Can royal principles of duty and humility illuminate the path towards personal growth and societal virtue?

The answer and more unfolds in an engaging episode of The Catholic Gentleman, featuring Archduke Eduard Habsburg and hosts John Heinen and Sam Guzman.

In their conversation, Habsburg draws attention to the inherent virtues of monarchy, highlighting the intimate bond between royalty and service.

"You grow up as a future king or queen or grandeur, you grow up in an attitude of service all your life. You know that you have to serve your country,” Habsburg said.

His personal experiences as a Habsburg offers him a unique identity, shaped by the weight of his family's history and societal expectations.

Habsburg emphasizes the transformative power of faith in shaping one's perspective:

"You're never bigger than when you kneel in front of God. This is something that strongly influenced me all my life. The humility to know I take my thought, I take everything I do from the hand of God," he shares, advocating for a return to humility and faith-centered values.

The Archduke also speaks with deep reverence of the Blessed Emperor Karl of Austria, whose selfless dedication and strong faith inspire him.

"Blessed Emperor Charles is for me the most chivalric of all Habsburg emperors... he offered his life, his family, and his job to God," he explains.

Habsburg's reflections extend to the contemporary political landscape, where he champions the principle of subsidiarity as a counter to globalism.

"Subsidiarity is the absolute antidote to globalism... The United States is built upon this system.”

In a profound exploration of life's ultimate journey, Habsburg also contemplates the notion of a "good death" as an integral part of life, something to prepare for and accept rather than fear.

"The way I die will decide about my eternal life… you cannot just believe that when you are going to die that you will be ready for God if you don't prepare your entire life for this.”

Drawing from the Archduke’s insights, we can each strive to embody the principles of service, humility and faith in our daily lives:

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Let’s shape a future anchored in virtue and unity!

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