On Ash Wednesday, Catholics across the world attend Holy Mass and receive ashes to kick off the Lenten season.

Social media often floods with posts about Lent before and after Ash Wednesday.

However, on Ash Wednesday, many celebrities take the opportunity to express their Catholic faith by publishing a photo wearing ashes.

ChurchPOP reported that Mark Wahlberg and Jonathan Roumie attended Ash Wednesday Mass with Franciscan priest Father Mark-Mary, CFR. They appeared on Fox News and discussed their morning prayer routines.

However, Wahlberg and Roumie were not the only celebrities to publicly display their Ash Wednesday ashes.

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Catholic celebrities Harrison Butker, Mario Lopez, Patricia Heaton, and David Henrie also wished social media followers a happy and holy Lenten season on Ash Wednesday.

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While announcing a partnership with the Hallow prayer app, Catholic Super Bowl champion Harrison Butker said he "encourages everyone to grow closer to Christ this Lenten season."

"Today is Ash Wednesday the start of Lent," he said. "I had to keep Christ number one by going to Mass this morning. I got my ashes as you can see."

"I want to encourage everyone to grow closer to Christ Lenten season," Butker continued. "Mark [Wahlberg] might say, 'stay prayed up,' but I'm saying 'Christus Regnat' - 'Christ is King'!"

Actor and television host Mario Lopez published a photo of himself with a Catholic priest on Instagram.

Lopez's post reads, “'Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return…' #AshWednesday #Lent #Catholic".

Actress Patricia Heaton also published a photo of her ashes.

"The priest got me good this year," Heaton jokes in the caption of her ashes headshot.

Disney actor David Henrie published an Ash Wednesday photo with his wife, Maria.

Hernie's post reads, "And so it begins: LENT!"

The "Wizards of Waverly Place" star also asked his followers, "What’s your focus this lent?!"

The comment received 92 replies.

One user said, "I am going to try and really change my mindset to be more grateful. The mind is powerful, and I think it's easier to get through life when you have a joyful mind."

Another user said, "Get closer to the pierced heart of the Mother."

Someone else added, "Reflect and improve ourselves every day, approach prayer, help others, [and] act with kindness and solidarity in the family environment."

One user also said, "To grow in love and virtue through the vocation God has called me to!

What is your focus this Lent?

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