Catholic movie actor and producer Eduardo Verástegui revealed he is discerning a presidential run in Mexico's 2024 general election.

The producer of the upcoming film, "Sound of Freedom," sat down with ChurchPOP English editor Jacqueline Burkepile for an interview.

Burkepile took the opportunity to ask the producer if he planned a presidential run.

"Pray for me, because I have to make that decision very, very soon," Verástegui says. "I'm praying every day. It's not about what I want to do or not.

"At the end of the day, in everything that I do, I always try to ask God, 'Is this something that is coming from You, or not? And if it's not from You, please close all the doors and don't let that distraction take me away from my mission."

"Passion of the Christ" actor Jim Caviezel, who portrays Tim Ballard in "Sound of Freedom," comments that he believes Verástegui would make great candidate because "he's the people's man."

Eduardo concludes by asking for prayers regarding this "major decision."

"It's a major decision," Verástegui reiterates. "It's not like if I'm going to go to this place or this other place today. It's a life-changing decision. So pray for me, please."

Here's the clip below:

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Verástegui, who also acted and produced the 2006 pro-life film, "Bella," hinted his thoughts in a June 8 Twitter video. He implied he may run for president of Mexico.

"In politics there are no empty seats. We still have an opportunity to save Mexico and build an option that allows us to recover what was lost and the future of our nation. Enough of indifference and passivity in electoral politics. Long live Mexico!"

Listen to the full interview with Jim Caviezel and Eduardo Verástegui here.

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