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Emily Wilson, a Catholic musician, author and speaker, explains in this video why she wrote letters to her future husband before she met him, and even before she knew God called her to marriage!

In the video, she said she began writing letters to her future husband in 2008—seven years before they got married!

Here’s her story:

Wilson began writing the letters after her father gave her a pink journal with the word “love” on the cover. She said, “something in my heart told me…to write to my future husband if that was the plan God had for me”

She adds, “I began writing to my future husband knowing full well that marriage might not be the call that God had for my life.”

Wilson explained that the letters included her life experiences, including bible verses, prayers and struggles. Here is one letter she wrote:

“Lord, if the plan that you have for my life, the call you’ve placed on my life is marriage, I lift up my future husband.”

She also said, “I would pray for specific things that I would want to pray for. If my future husband was out there, that he would be a holy man with a heart after God.”

She continued, “I just prayed for total surrender and total freedom in knowing that God’s plan for me…”

In another letter to her husband she wrote, “I’m no longer consumed with wanting to meet and know who you are, but I’m now consumed with the beauty, grace and peace of knowing that God’s plan for my life is perfect.”

 What a beautiful representation of total surrender to God’s will!

Wilson gave her letters to her husband the morning of their wedding. He read these words before he saw her at the end of the aisle:

“Today, I offer you my life. We offer our lives together with the Lord, asking that he makes something beautiful out of it, and he will. I cannot wait. Love, Emily.”

Here are the photos of his reaction:

Elissa Voss Photography , Courtesy of Emily Wilson


Elissa Voss Photography , Courtesy of Emily Wilson

Wilson said that she was “really grateful” she had these letters to give to her husband on their wedding day, and that “Daniel will keep it forever.”

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