Group of friends Joe Kim, Joanna Hernandez, and Mike Del Ponte developed an amazing way for the world to gather in praying the rosary amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The group created a “Map of Hope,” encouraging faith and prayer rather than fear. The map invites prayer warriors to post prayer intentions and commit to praying the rosary for those intentions.

In response to the fear that tracking the coronavirus naturally creates, the map instead tracks each person’s place of prayer.

“Like most people, everyday we looked at maps tracking the coronavirus,” the creators explain on the website.

“These maps kept getting worse, showing how the pandemic – and fear – was taking over the world. So we asked ourselves, ‘What if we could create something that gives people hope?’

“It would be simple,” they continue. “It would track something inspiring. Something that gets better every day. A movement of people around the globe. Immediately, we thought, ‘It should be the rosary!’

“From these simple insights, the Map of Hope was born.”

Pope Francis also encourages the faithful to pray the rosary throughout the month of May. What perfect timing!

Here’s what the Map of Hope looks like so far in the United States:

As of this writing, prayer warriors posted more than 1300 intentions on the Map of Hope. The map invites people from every corner of the world to commit to praying the rosary for their posted prayer intentions.

Click here to post your prayer intentions and to commit to praying the rosary!

Our Lady of the Rosary, please pray for us!

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