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Father Mike Schmitz’ ‘Bible in a Year’ podcast hit the #1 spot on iTunes for two consecutive years. The podcast reaches millions throughout the world, and landed a billboard in New York City’s Times Square from Dec. 19, 2021 – Jan. 9, 2022.

CBS Evening News interviewed Father Mike Schmitz to discuss his #1 podcast, Bible in a Year. The interview aired on Sun., April 4.

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Father Mike briefly explains his journey to the priesthood, why he and Biblical scholar Jeff Cavins began the podcast, and how ‘Bible in a Year’ exploded with more than 200 million listeners.

As of this writing, the Facebook video generated almost 200,000 views.

Additionally, the segment aired on live television to at least 5.4 million people, and CBS featured it on their website, which generates more than 17 million visitors per day. The YouTube video also generated more than 23,000 views as of this writing.

Ascension reported that Google searches for ‘Bible in a Year’ or related content “exploded by 700 percent!”

Quick note: the segment features a close-up of the King James’ Version of the Bible. Father Mike uses the Catholic Bible in his podcast.

Here’s the interview below:

Click here if you cannot see the video above.

Both the segment and the podcast received high compliments from countless social media users.

Here’s what some Facebook users said:


Tnh Scot said, “I’m a [lifelong] Catholic but ashamed to admit that I never really read the Bible completely – so dry [and] difficult to understand. But I started listening to Fr. Mike’s [‘Bible in a Year’] during COVID, and loved his delivery and explanations.

He makes it interesting [and] easy to understand. [I’m] grateful he [and] Jeff Cavins made this available to everyone! Hopefully, more people will listen after this story on CBS.”


Peggy Lee also said, “I did this in 2021 and my faith has grown immensely. Loved Father Mike. It was a very worthwhile use of my time. It is a commitment, and one that will be with you always. Was surprised to see this aired on CBS, a station I never watch – so thank you for posting. Perhaps Fox and EWTN will carry this.”


OBanny Chick added, “I started on October 10, 2021. I am on day 175. It has profoundly changed my life. Drawing closer to God makes me more appreciative of the love and mercy that God has for us. Whatever the world is dishing out is false.”


Lynn B. Vaughn also commented, “This Baptist preacher’s wife is loving the Hallow App, ‘Bible in a Year’, and Daily Reflections! Glory be to God!”

Pray for Fr. Mike Schmitz and his mission to spread the Gospel!

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