“Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” – Jesus, Matthew 25.40

The Catholic Church does more to serve those in need than any other private organization in the world.

From Agenzia Fides, here are some numbers that represent at least a part of what the Church does (as of 2014):


Primary schools: 36,613
Secondary schools: 12,060
Hospitals: 1,298
Dispensaries: 5,256
Leprosy centers: 229
Homes for the elderly: 632
Orphanages: 1,398
Marriage counseling centers: 1,728


Primary schools: 16,097
Secondary schools: 10,450
Hospitals: 1,137
Dispensaries: 3,760
Leprosy centers: 322
Homes for the elderly: 2,520
Orphanages: 3,980
Marriage counseling centers: 933

The Americas

Primary schools: 23,195
Secondary schools: 10,965
Hospitals: 1,493
Dispensaries: 5,137
Leprosy centers: 72
Homes for the elderly: 3,815
Orphanages: 2,418
Marriage counseling centers: 5,636


Primary schools: 15,884
Secondary schools: 9,633
Hospitals: 1,039
Dispensaries: 2,637
Leprosy centers: 21
Homes for the elderly: 8,200
Orphanages: 2,194
Marriage counseling centers: 6,173


Primary schools: 3,456
Secondary schools: 675
Hospitals: 200
Dispensaries: 532
Leprosy centers: 4
Homes for the elderly: 537
Orphanages: 134
Marriage counseling centers: 274

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