What a way to stand up for life!

The New York bookstore, Jon Speed: The Book Scout closed on Wednesday, Jan. 23, after Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the law allowing abortions up until birth.

Here’s the sign the bookstore posted on their door:

@liveactionorg, Instagram

The sign reads, “CLOSED TODAY. / Today is a is a day of mourning in New York State. / We will not collect sales tax today for a tyrannical government that murders babies. / We will resume regular business tomorrow, collecting sales tax under duress. / End Abortion Now”.

The bookstore also announced this on their Facebook page. The bookstore has received an overwhelming positive response regarding the closure.

Several social media users expressed their thoughts of the post, both on Instagram and Twitter.

This twitter user had an interesting comparison between New York Gov. Cuomo and the Governor in the movie “Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town”.

Check out his post below:


@GeorgeGmitro, Twitter

The text reads, “I don’t know why, but when I saw what just passed in the State of NY, I thought of these scenes that depict laws that were made to supposedly protect the person the Burgermeister cared about. / It was a tough time for the town for the joy was gone. / It did not end well for the Governor.”

Here’s some additional responses to the same Live Action Twitter post:

This user said, “My respect goes to Jon Speed. May his household be blessed beyond measure.”

@DougCar79192666, Twitter

Another user said, “God bless them!!! If they have a website and online purchasing I’ll buy something 2 times a month to support them!!! standing up for babies is a win for me!! #JohnSpeed”.


@BKONASIS, Twitter

This user added, “Thank you for your stance on protecting life.”

@Chris252925941, Twitter

Another user said, “A very SAD day indeed. All we can do is pray for wisdom and eyes to open. May angels 👼be there to protect the unborn. 🙏🌟✝️”

@LesilHarvey, Twitter

A few days after their sign went viral on social media, the bookstore said their sales skyrocketed. They’ve also been invited to speak tonight on on Bott Radio Network with the Family Research Council.

Here’s the bookstore’s Facebook response:

@jonspeedbookscout, Facebook

The text reads, “We want to thank you for your overwhelming support and notes of encouragement. We have tried to respond to as many as we can but cannot get to them all.

“We are surprised at the number of online orders that have been placed and will work diligently to fill them over the next couple of days. Please be patient as we sort through the emails and fill the orders.

“We did not anticipate this kind of reaction for what seemed to us a simple issue of conscience but are greatly encouraged that this very basic statement has been a blessing to so many who care about this issue of life in the womb.

“May the Lord Jesus Christ be glorified.”

Let us all pray to end abortion now!

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