What a brave young man!

Following Nick Sandmann’s lawsuit and settlement with CNN, the Covington Catholic High School student posted his support for the 2020 March for Life.

Sandmann made national news headlines last year after a video surfaced showing Sandmann at the 2019 March for Life standing before drumming Native American Nathan Phillips. News outlets painted Sandmann as an aggressor and racist.

Sandmann posted photos on Twitter of his 2020 March for Life experience, saying he will “never pass on an opportunity to March for Life!”

Here’s his tweet below:

@N1ckSandmann, Twitter

On Jan. 18, Sandmann also commented on last year’s March for Life experience. He thanked supporters and said he “won’t ever be bulled or surrender.”

Here’s his tweet below:

@N1ckSandmann, Twitter

Sandmann’s full tweet reads, “Exactly one year ago today, Nathan Phillips approached after the March For Life in Washington, D.C. / Today I stood in the exact same spot I had a year ago and did my first fair interview compared to the setup @ NBC. / I won’t ever be bullied or surrender. / Thanks for all your support.”

Here’s enlarged photos of his 2020 March for Life experience:

@N1ckSandmann, Twitter

@N1ckSandmann, Twitter

@N1ckSandmann, Twitter

@N1ckSandmann, Twitter

As of this writing, Sandmann’s 2020 March for Life tweet has generated more than 8,000 likes, almost 2,000 retweets, and 500 comments.

Here’s what some people said about his attendance:

@Rick51224214, Twitter

This user commented, “Keep up the good fight young man.”

@Kimberl32278503, Twitter

Another user said, “We need more young men like you in the world. 🙏🏻♥️”

@bradleyreed88, Twitter

This user said, “Proud of you, Nicholas!”

@MommysBigMouth, Twitter

Another user said, “What a guy! Thank you for standing up for the most vulnerable. #marchforlife2020”.

@ChandlerKenil, Twitter

This user also said, “God bless you, Nick. I hope this year’s March was more peaceful for you than last year’s.”

@KVitalone, Twitter

Another user said, “Bravo young man! You are an extremely wise soul & our country needs more fine young men like you. I see a very bright future ahead. / Hat Tip to your glorious parents. / Proof is in the puddin’.”

Let us pray for all those bravely fighting for the pro-life cause! 

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