How can Catholic husbands truly love their wives?

Recently on "The Catholic Gentleman," podcast hosts John Heinen and Sam Guzman discuss how men can answer God’s call to love in marriage with new co-host Devin Schadt.

1. Know Different Kinds of Love

Schadt shares the different types of love, including agape love, which is sacrificial, not self-interested, and for the sake of others.

Drawing parallels to the relationship between Mary and Jesus, he emphasizes the need for certainty and security in love.

"Women don't just want love, their need is to be secure in love--to be certain of our love," Schadt explains.

2. Understand How to Care

Interestingly, husbands can be thought of as caretakers of land. Just as crops and land flourish with love and attention, wives too blossom when they feel secure and valued.

Guzman explains that "the English word for husband is really rooted in agriculture; a husband used to be someone who tilled and cared for the soil.”

He urges husbands to let their wives flourish like a "well-cared-for field" that bears the fruits of love and joy.

3. Value Open Communication

The importance of listening and being receptive without immediately jumping to conclusions or being defensive cannot be understated!

Schadt suggests four crucial questions every husband should ask their wife, such as "Do you know that I love you? But do you feel it?"

Even simple questions like this can lead to profound revelations and understanding in marriage. 

In our fast-moving, increasingly secular society, it's easy to get caught up in a million different distractions. Marriage, like any relationship, requires nurturing, understanding, and love, says Schadt.

"When we give our wives our authority and share that, when we're being generous with them, we cast out demons in our marriages."

What a beautiful message for husbands and wives!

Watch the inspiring episode:

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Let’s answer God’s call to love! 💞

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