Pray for this actress!

Former Dawson’s Creek actress Busy Philipps praised her abortion at a rally sponsored by the Center for Reproductive Rights.

The rally was outside the Supreme Court building during a meeting regarding a Louisiana law requiring abortion doctors to have hospital admitting privileges.

Philipps credited her abortion for her success, screaming she has “all of it” because of her abortion.

Here’s the video below: (Warning: profane language)

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“There I was, sitting in Los Angeles in my beautiful office of my own late night talk show. Soon I would be driving my hybrid car to my beautiful [profanity] home, to kiss my beautiful and healthy children, and my husband who had taken the year off to parent so I could focus on my career.

“And I have all of this–ALL OF IT–because, because, because I was allowed bodily autonomy at 15.”

“I will not be shamed into being quiet. We will not be shamed into being quiet. Never again! I will never stop talking about my abortion or my periods or my experiences in childbirth, my episiotomies, my yeast infections, or my ovulation that lines up with the moon!”

The crowd then cheers the actress.

However, former Planned Parenthood clinic director-turned pro-life advocate Abby Johnson told Fox News that the abortion industry puts profit above women’s safety. 

“The abortion industry thrives on misinformation and fear, something that Busy Philipps had no problems instilling in her audience outside the Court,” Johnson said.

“The fact that the abortion industry and their Hollywood pals are railing against this common-sense legislation shows you how little they care about women.”

“She should be angry that women are left to contend with abhorrent conditions inside abortion clinics, doctors are barely able to practice because of repeated violations, and instruments being used on them that aren’t even sterilized.”

Students for Life of America president Kristen Hawkins added that Philipps’ limited options were a “tragedy.”

“The tragedy is that she didn’t know more about her options that didn’t have to be limited to abortion. The abortion industry undermines women’s confidence and sells them short before selling them an abortion. Women deserve better.”

Pray for the conversion of pro-abortion supporters!

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