Did you know that you can now privately ask for the intercession of Pope Benedict XVI?

Brazilian Bishop Dom Antônio Carlos Rossi Keller of the Diocese of Frederick Westphalen approved a private prayer to Pope Benedict XVI following his Dec. 2022 passing.

He explained his reasoning in in an interview with Brazilian press.

“Only the Church will be able to officially say whether Benedict XVI will be canonized or not, whether he lived the Christian virtues to a degree of heroism”, said Dom Antônio Carlos.

“This is a filial prayer, it is not an official prayer of the Church, it is a prayer of sons and daughters who have come to know the Pope through his person, his writings, his teachings, and realize that he is a man who he loved God very much, he loved the Church very much, he served with generosity and dedication, to the point that when he realized that he no longer had the strength to govern the Church, he humbly withdrew”.

And he explains: “For these reasons, I composed this prayer, naturally with the value of personal piety, and it should not be prayed publicly, only individually. I believe that many graces will be granted through the intercession of Benedict XVI”.

The bishop also stressed that although there is still no legal beatification process, “we can ask for the intercession of those brothers and sisters who are in Heaven! Benedict XVI was a man who put his understanding of the mystery of God into teaching for years, forming generations of priests and lay people through correct doctrine and in accordance with the Magisterium of the Church, always at the service of the faith.”

“Furthermore, the Pope emeritus was a man marked and known for his human virtues that were indeed heroic, such as, for example, the virtue of his humility in exposing the truth of the faith without aggressiveness, without offending anyone.”

If you receive grace through this prayer, Bishop Dom Antonio Carlos asks that the testimony be shared with the Vicariate of Rome.

Private devotional prayer to Pope Benedict XVI

Almighty God and Eternal God,
you inspired in the heart of your servant, Pope Benedict XVI,
the sincere desire to meet you and announce you,
becoming a humble “Co-operator with the Truth”
and offering himself as a servant, for Christ and for the Church.

Make me also know how to love the Church of Christ
and follow in my life the eternal truths which it proclaims.
Deign, Lord, to glorify your servant, Pope Benedict XVI
And grant, through his intercession, the favor I now ask of you
(request your intention here).


Pray the Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be.

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